Documenting Life With Your Cell Phone- Blackbird Tavern

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Great cell phone cameras have equaled the playing field with photography enthusiasts. It used to be you had to get a DSLR if you wanted some good quality photos but not anymore. I don’t always remember to bring my camera, but I always have my phone and now it’s just a matter of taking the time to get the shot.   I like to showcase simple details that tell the story.  I took all the photos with my iPhone 6 and then processed them in VSCO cam.


Empty Room

Empty Room


Looking at me


Coolest Ambience

A Simple Pizza

Cool Mist


Moor Cool Mist

Making Room

It Had Baby Cilantro



Unique Details

Honey Bears

What a cool place huh? I love the last one- Little Honey Bears!!  The whole lunch was dream of details.

Roasted Little Chickpeas


I’ve been a potato chip eater as of late so when I came across this roasted chickpeas recipe, I was really excited! Imagine popping these little guys as a snack! I’ll probably ruin it by adding a beer but I like the option of having something healthy in the cupboard. I got the recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook. Cooking Vegan most of the time can be challenging but not impossible.