There’s Bubble Gum on My Foot

There's Bubble Gum on My Foot

There’s a chewed¬† piece of bubble gum stuck to my foot. I’m not lying. I just noticed it. Don’t ask because I have no idea.

I also have a tattoo on said foot. My only tattoo. It means earth. It hurt. My BFF has one too.

It’s fourth of July here. Remember Guam is “Where America’s Day begins”. It’s also 9:04 am

Jake is asleep on my bed next to me. He crawled here at 6:00am, then ran off and ate some cereal and toast with John – who is now seeing post-op patients at the hospital-and crawled back with me. The covers are crumpled everywhere as he’s lying sideways. Arms splayed outward and legs akimbo. His breathing is a little fast. From the fever I think. His breathing is clear. I checked.

There are¬† boxes everywhere. It was last weekend’s decluttering attempt.

It’s the first time I’ve snuggled in bed and written in a long time. I love it.

I have headache from sleeping in. Time to get some coffee. I hope it hasn’t turned yet.

I wish everyone a happy and safe fourth of July. We’re taking the kids tonight to see the fireworks. First time ever! Never wanted to brave the traffic and long commute with tired babies in tow. Now we’re getting to an age where they can miss their bedtime and not dissolve into tears. I hope.


  1. Lisa says:

    Wow I can experience everything one day earlier through you. Christmas, Thanksgiving, the first day of Fall (although I don’t suppose you have seasons like here)…it’s kind of neat to think about.

    Lisas last blog post..Strange Case Of Competition

  2. Kyla says:

    Happy 4th! Sounds like a lovely morning.

    This line, “His breathing is clear. I checked.” made me giggle. Dr. Mom, indeed.

  3. Dr. Cason says:

    Tiff- Well I wouldn’t call it peaceful. The other two kept running in and scream whispering their requests!

    Lisa- Yes it is weird. When it’s Christmas we have to call and talk with family because most forget that it’s our day and then the next day sometimes we’re back at work already and can’t talk then either. Gets kind quiet.

    Kyla- I can’t help myself. :)

  4. Hi Dr. Cason,

    I get headaches if I sleep too long too.

    It sounds like you’ll have a lovely evening watching the fireworks. I’ll be doing the same. How nice it will be to have a three day weekend. :)

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..MMM – Can She Talk?

  5. Ellen Wilson says:

    Dr Cason,

    When I first saw the gum I thought it was a leech or a growth!

    Happy Fourth of July. We had our BBQ last night, and I don’t think we will see the fireworks because they are too far away. Maybe we will be able to see some in the night sky.

    It’s probably the fifth of July now in Guam.

    Ellen Wilsons last blog post..Getting Rid of Junk and Adding Some

  6. I often find bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe, but rarely on my bare skin. Very interesting!

    Happy 4th! I hope your little ones enjoy the fireworks. I hope to find a good place to take Lance to see them. My parent’s house doesn’t have a view of the city display, so I might have to drive around a little!

    Guinevere Meadows last blog post..

  7. Dr. Cason says:

    Nora Bee- The bubble gum is pretty much indicative of my life right now. :)

    Audubon Ron- Does dancing around the house count? I hesitated about showing my feet. Feet aren’t the prettiest site but then I figured Hey, what the heck. I’m just keeping it real!

    Barbara- Happy fourth to you too! Fireworks actually didn’t quite happen-Again! I’ll post about it!

    Ellen- Ha!Ha! I actually left it there when I was writing my post and then got up and my 5 year old came over, immediately noticed it, pulled it off and then tossed it to the floor. Hmm..I’m thinking this is the reason I got it in the first place! And yes it’s the 5th today. :) Happy fourth y’all!

    Guinevere- I hate when I find it on my shoe but the foot was really bizarre! I have to expect that it was there for a while for me to wake up to it. Happy 4th to you too!

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