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My girls!

Hi- My name is Sheila. Welcome to my site.

What started as a Pediatrics Blog has morphed into my own love for writing and photography and food. My practice and patients take a lot of time and I use this area to express myself.

This is mostly whatever I feel like eating or cooking blog. I will talk about being a doctor too. Actually most of my hits on this site come from posts related to doctoring. But I’ve earned that being creative and exploring my interests are very important to my happiness. Seeing me as someone different than a physician makes happy. I’m a better happier doctor, mother and wife for it.

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  1. Ohh my goodness it has been so long since I have talked to you. Both girls have grown up so much since I saw them last and you have aboy now too. WOW I didn’t know that. Well i have to go hope you can email me back and we can stay in contact for a while, if you remember me?

  2. Hannah!

    Of course I remember you! How could I forget 8 yrs ago when we first moved in you were this spunky little blond girl playing out front and you came running over and introduced yourself. Now my own little ones are just like you and I love it! I’ll email you!

  3. Sorry to be so comment-y all at once, but my brother and his wife live in Guam! He is with the Department of Defense, and she stays home with their almost 1-year-old. She is originally from Japan, where they met. If you ever meet Tim and Megumi Sather (and baby Koh) they are my relatives.

    What a small world.

  4. Hello
    I just wanted to say that your blog seems very interesting and useful, I liked topics related to medicine and music. I have read it more than once , at the first, read it for practice in English language, but I found it very useful too.
    Excuse me for my bad language.
    Thank you

    ferasofs last blog post..my village (Al-owinia)

  5. Welcome Larue and Ferasof!

    Larue-I’ll keep an eye out for your brother. Already I asked around but no contact yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ferasof-Your English is pretty good! Writing and reading blogs are a good way to keep improving.Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Great blog! I stumbled across yours from the Farm Diva blog that I read often. The Pioneer Woman is a great blog too. We just left Guam a year ago. My hubby was the Navy Hospital Chaplain for 3 years. We LOVED it there and miss it very much. We are now in Norfolk. My blog is snickerdoodledog.blogspot.com
    May I link yours to mine? Well, enjoy that beautiful island!!! Rebecca

  7. Thank you so much for the comment you left on All Fired Up Pottery. I am so glad that you stopped by, I am enjoying your blog. I have heard that Guam is such a beautiful place. I’ve seen some pictures from my cousin (Rebecca Browns) blog. Thanks again for stopping by and we’re going to try to get everything fired pretty soon, so keep an eye out. My personal blog is http://www.busybees3.blogspot.com I have 3 little monsters that keep me pretty busy.

    Ambre Hodges last blog post..ANOTHER VILLAGE

  8. Hi Cousins Rebecca and Ambre!

    Welcome to our little family! I’ll be coming back to you two soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I see we have Mrs. G in common; it sounds like food allergies in young children is something else we have in common. My now-15yo was very allergic to dairy & soy his first 4 years; citrus (citric acid) was also a problem, and his skin test showed positive for eggs. It took his first 4 miserable months to find the dairy allergy by trial and error (I was breastfeeding, so it was all about what I was eating)…after this I substituted a lot of soy products in my diet, only to find EB was allergic to soy. By this point, I knew to avoid the other biggies: eggs, strawberries, nuts, and corn. For some reason, we escaped the wheat allergy. It was a challenge to feed my son, and yet we did manage. I do understand the frustrations you are going through as you navigate the maze of food allergies and trying to find a diet that works for you. I’m about to take a 2-week vacation away (this will enable my dh to escape from work at Walter Reed) but you can find me again at http://kcinnova.wordpress.com

    kcinnovas last blog post..Battle of the Bulge

  10. Kcinnova,

    I think the hardest thing is actually determining whether he has an allergy or not. The IgE testing only really predicts whether they are allergic or not. The gold standard is what happens when they eat it. He seems to be fine with wheat now. I don’t know about dairy- we’ll see soon. Egg – that’s not good at all and we’ll stay away from it for a long time. Hopefully he’ll outgrow it! Walter Reed! That means you’re from my old stompin’ grounds! Have a great vacation! I’ll keep you in my reader.

  11. Sheila, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since you left for Guam! I loved seeing pictures of your kids–you and John look well. I have one more month of maternity leave before I’m back. Baby Sarah’s asleep now, so I’ve got time to catch up on a million little mommy things. Please send me your tips on pumping at work, in the car, or otherwise on the run!

  12. Hi Shelia

    Thank you for sharing your web site. The children you and John look great. Glad you are enjoying Guam. I loved it as did my parents.

    Keep up the great work. We are very proud of you and John.

    Take care.

  13. Hey Sheila.
    It was nice to see your website and read your writing. It was especially nice to see you have not changed. I can hear your voice when you write. The site looks great and the family photos are awesome.

    Terry Tupper

  14. Aunt Laurie- We miss you guys too! Thanks for visiting, it’s great to have family here!

    Terry- Well since you’ve known me longer than other friend, I am particularly pleased to have you here at my site. Thank you for the support. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dr. Cason,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am also a pediatrician/Navy wife relocating to Guam from the DC area, after having been in private practice for 5 years and working for the Navy for 1 year. Any advice for a fellow pediatrician looking for employment opportunities in Guam?

  16. Wow! god bless you! a doctor, a mother, a photographer and a cook! you are my new idol! and i love your pictures! i came across it through stumbleupon!

  17. Mrs. Cason! I just tried emailing you and your family .. with a mass email I sent to some of the families in Guam and it got sent back ๐Ÿ™ Luckily, I was able to find your blog. I apologize that it took two weeks for me to get in touch, but I’ve been sick with Bronchitis since being home. I hope everything is going well for your family and especially for the kids. My whole staff and I miss all three of them. Please keep in touch and feel free to email me so I can send you pictures and the songs.

    Take care,
    Diana La
    (Miss Hummingbird – Camp Adventure)

  18. Dear Sheila Cason
    I did a phd to help children in hospital. it is now a web based CBT system to help children relax and more.
    We have the support from Dr Chris Steele a well know TV doctor but we are trying to let doctors and parents know we exits.
    Please have a look and please give me some feedback


  19. Hello Dr. Cason,

    I just read your blog on the ugly side of being a doctor; it has really given me a powerful insight into what it really takes being a doctor.
    I am an Irish Leaving Cert. student (equivelent to SATS) and am strongly considering taking medicine in college. I wondered if you could give me advice on my decision. I am stuck between choosing a science or medicine and I am looking for all the angles i can get. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward greatly to your reply when you find a moment. my email is nosferato_06 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

    Slรกinte as ร‰irinn,

  20. Anne- Aggghh! How’d I miss you this little comment! Have you moved yet? I hjave a lot of tips I can tell you! Email me a sheila@drcason.org and I’ll let you know…

    Kleah- Aw shoot. Just doing what I love. Glad you enjoy it!

    Diana- My girl sure does miss you all. She just pulled out a pic that had your name on it!

    Mark- What a great site. I have seen this type of things with the kids and it appears to work very well for pain and anxiety control.

    Malachi- I just wrote a post addressing that very issue. I’ll be putting it up tomorrow. I’ll email you! Good luck.

  21. Hey Dr.Cason,
    I came to your blog via stumbleupon which leads me to the post “the ugly side of being a doctor”,good writing,i think.
    I’m a medicine student from China,your blog will be helpful to me,either in English learning or in getting advice of being a doctor ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Dr. Carson,
    I am a pre-med student at Arizona State University and your blog has given me such great motivation. Time and time again, I wonder if I can get through school with the desire of being a wife and a mother. Your life proves its possible! Thank you. I hope I can serve underprivileged children in a foreign country someday too.

  23. I just now read this About for the first time. This is a very special blog! And you a special lady.

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  25. Wonderful website! Beautiful family and photos! Glad you are on Guam…Keep up the good work and keep taking photos! Some day, I might just get out there with my new Nikon D60.

  26. Hi! Cuz,
    Thanks for the beautiful Christmas photo.
    My have the kids grown in that warm and humid climate.
    You all look happy and healthy.
    Little A used to suck his thumb just like Jacob in that one photo.
    That brought back alot of memories.
    I will be in San Diego Feb.to visit and have sushi with your Dad.
    You are such a hard working Mom and I am proud to call you my cousin.I can`t wait for our next visit. God Bless you all.

  27. Hi!
    I founf your website through another photography website.
    Love your pictures.
    I was reading your about me and BAM, you completed your residency in my hometown Norfolk, Va!

    Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and let you know how much I have enjoyed poking around. I’ll be back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Iโ€™m a pediatrician BUT unless youโ€™ve signed in, waited in my small and cozy waiting room and then Iโ€™ve seen you face to face, examined your child and documented my advice to you, then we can safely assume that Iโ€™m not your childโ€™s pediatrician.

    Giggle. Do you get people thrusting their children at you all the time to check out? Lol.
    Sheesh, I never knew you were so gorgeous too!

  29. Thanks so much for creating a site that celebrates your profession and passion which may be more than one thing. I am a judge and I love photography. I take a polaroid photo and give it as a gift to any couple who gets married in my court. I studied four years of photography in high school and went for a more “traditional” college major which turned out to be Communications. I love your site and you have inspired me to post my photos which always make me smile. Thank you.

  30. Hafa Adai Dr. Cason,
    I hope this finds you and your family doing well. Oh my gosh how the children have grown. Love the family pic. You all look good. So how do you like the island?? I hope to be visiting the island soon and would like to meet up. Pls. email me @ irensiaku@hotmail. I had misplaced your email. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Take Care,

    Just in case you’ve forgotten, we worked together @ CPCMG!!

  31. greetings doctor!

    hi!..im a resident of saipan, a neighbor to guam. im 18 years old and i too would like to join the military. unfortunately, they are hesitant to allow me to serve because of my childhood history of eczema and food alleriges. however, i can get it waived if i get a skin allergy test and prove negative for i am sure i have no more allergies. unfortunately, they do not offer this test here on saipan. i am wondering if you know if there is any place on guam where they do have it. any help would be greatly appreciated. i do not want this to hinder my dreams of serving in the US Army.


  32. Hi!!

    Greeting to you! We just went to Saipan. It was lovely.

    I don’t have my patients get skin tests here on Guam- I refer them to St Luke’s in PI. Remember that skin tests can have show a false positive – meaning you have no allergy but the skin shows reactivity.

    I would get them to do an oral challege- that’s the true test for an allergy. Don’t do an oral test for something that you are sure you are positive for and have had a bad reaction in the past. You might get a bad reaction again!

    Good luck! Let me know what happens.

    BTW- what were you allergic to?


  33. Regarding my allergies, i get dry sinner elbows when i eat excessive amounts of chocolate. But, the military thinks i’m allergic to shellfish and peanuts, which isn’t true.lol i just want to prove them wrong.

    o ya..how does this oral challenge work? do you think they have these around here? i would really like to know ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks again,

  34. Hi Pauline-

    Okay first off- How do they “think” that? If it was a childhood issue and you outgrew it then you aren’t allergic anymore and it should be a non issue. But if they think you are and want proof then talk with your primary care physician. They can watch you eat it and watch for signs of allergy and write a paper saying that you by definition aren’t allergic since you eat it and tolerate it well!

    Also I just had a patient of mine from Saipan yesterday! Small world. I will check to see what their pediatrician’s name is (On Saipan) and write back. They said she is very good and she should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Take care-

  35. Hi!

    Doctor on Saipan’s name is Dr. Norma Ada. I hear she’s really good! Try looking her up and seeing what she says. Good Luck.

  36. Hey Sheila! I heard from Len that you might eventually be back to SD? He said Tom was looking for your contact info. Please give him a ring. I hope you and the family are doing well. I am typing from my blackberry, but when I’m at a computer with a normal sized screen, I’ll get a better look at the photos! Love, irene

  37. Hello.
    I somehow stumbled across your blog. I’m a senior getting ready to apply to universities. I’ve spent the day trying to find out what it is I want to do with my life. I love to write, but I seem to think that I may not do too well with a career of that sort. And there are many other things I’m interested in. There are probably a dozen careers that I wouldn’t mind having. I’ve just now started to consider something in medicine. I’m interested in biology and chemistry and I want to do something worthwhile, important, and helpful. I want to be sure that I can support a family, but I’d like to be sure I get to spend a good amount of time with that family of mine as well. For some reason, as I should’ve expected, I guess, it’s really tough for me to make a decision. I was just wondering what advice you may have, if you’ve got time to reply. Thank you, for your time and for what you’ve done for so many people with your abilities. Have a good day!

  38. Ok, I commented on another post before having read this one. I see that you have 3 kids and live in Guam. I’m pretty sure you’re not related, LOL. Good luck with your work there and thank your husband for his service to our country

    God Bless

  39. I love your blog. I stumbled upon it while trying to figure out whether or not to consider med school (Google brought up “The Ugly Side of Being a Doctor”), and I came back because I love your photos, your reflections, and your stories. I love how your photos capture those precious moments that are there for us to cherish.

    I’m overseas right now visiting a family member who is very very ill. Reading through your blog gives me something beautiful, poignant, and exquisitely human to focus on in the midst of all the life and death and illness that is sometimes to much to let in all at once.

    Thanks for sharing your life with me and with everyone.


  40. Hello Dr. Cason,

    Hafa Adai From Guam! Aiden, Sarah and especially I miss you. We want our pediatrician back. LOl… your name came up in one of my classes. My professor happened to be your neighbor here on Guam. I just wanted to stop by your website to say hello and that we really do miss you. If you ever have time send me an email. I have been wanting to know how things are going with your family and the move.

    All our love and appreciation,
    Chris, Sarah, & Aiden

  41. Hi Dr. Cason,

    I am not sure if you would recall me. I am Samil Sharma’s mom – 5 month old baby boy who had an anaphylactic shock in Aug 2008 and we brought him to your clinic in Guam. You had given him the Epipens and a 2nd life. You wrote a blog about that incident in your site too. We moved to London since then.

    Just wanted to touch base and let you know how he is doin. Me and my husband remember you with great respect. Samil is 2 & a half now. Very naughty. Had 2nd anaphylactic shock to milk this May and daddy gave him the Epipen before the ambulance arrived. Very allergic to wheat, eggs, all nuts, coconut, banana, all lentils and dairy ofcourse. And our house is dairy and wheat free now. Thankfully outgrew his soy allergy recently.

    How is your little one doin with allergies?


  42. Hi Dr. Cason,

    Hope you and your family have settled down well in the mainland. We’re still in Guam for the time being, but are planning our move for 2011. Just wanted to say hello and send you some holiday greetings. If possible, we’d like to send you a christmas card. Please let us know if you’d like to share your address with us.


    Alex, Gina, & Oliver Kruaprasert

  43. Hello, I read your haunting article “The Ugly Side of Being a Doctor” and was immediately stricken with gratitude and inspiration. The experiences you shared resemble that of a withered gray haired man in his later years who fought a losing war on a foreign shore to defend his country. What did he gain out of it? Nothing more than unforgettable memories that strike him when he’s most vulnerable, in his sleep. The more I cross paths with stories told from the true Heros of this tattered world the more I can’t help but question what drives them? The gratefulness I have for people like you is enormous, you truly are a modern day saint and deserve the utmost thanks for the years of studying and the financial difficulties you surely had to overcome to make it through medical school.

    I am 16 and come from a very small town. I have found a passion for chemistry and anatomy so far in my journey through high school. I have always wanted to pursue a career in anesthesiology and think it to be only more suiting with my new found passion for chemistry. I’m worried that the stress of medical school in the future might be to much to handle, can you offer any insight on what medical school is like?

    Thank you for the hardships you face everyday and don’t every question your competence, people like you ARE the soul reason why goodness survives in this cruel cold world.


  44. Elliot- Thank you for your kind words. It was in a low place that night I wrote that and really it’s not all that bad. I will work on a post with some recommendations! Good luck!!

  45. Hi,
    You’re an amazing writer and photographer, just so you know; the post about your job and the babies who died was beautiful, but sad.

  46. Hi Dr. Cason,

    I love your site. It’s been quite an inspiration to me lately. I have a quick question, though.
    I’m currently an English major and I’m also considering a career in health care. I read your post where you wrote that you always wanted to be a writer, but you became a doctor instead. How did you know for sure that health care was the right field for you?

  47. Hello Dr. Cason, i was just looking for other opinions on the not-so-bright side of being a Doc n bumped into ur post “The Ugly side of being a Doctor”.. i had tears in my eyes at the end of it. No doubt you are a very committed doctor, it is very evident from your post. Yours are the kind our profession hinges on.
    I too never wanted to be a Doctor, always wanted to be a writer. But fell in love with the art during med school.. post graduation struggles rid me of whatever starry eyed grand dreams i had.. it’s easy to get disillusioned sometimes .. but ur post reminded me what we do is sometimes a blessing for us too………..
    I really loved your post.. the part where u said u’ve got bunch of loans to pay n dream of going on humanitarian missions rings so true… thats my dream too.. ……
    thanks for reminding me why we are here…….
    God bless you n your family, n your dear son.

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